Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Register yourself first.
  • You will be sent a confirmation link on your registered email id. Click on that link and create your credentials to log into the system.
  • Once you log into the system, upload your property details and submit. You can raise maintenance request simultaneously before inspection report submission by excellence PROPCARE .
  • If the property is verified, you will be raised an invoice against AMC.
  • Once you pay the invoice amount, Your maintenance request will be processed.

There are two scenarios where the charges should be paid.

1. Administrative charges towards AMC contract - Invoice towards Annual maintenance contract will be raised once your property is accepted, inspected and verified by excellence PROPCARE . Once you pay the AMC amount, all your maintenance requests will be processed for a period of one year.

2. Maintenance charges: Invoice towards maintenance will be raised when you approve/reject the final quotation shared by excellence PROPCARE .

We mainly focus on all types of residential properties.
excellence PROPCARE verifies the property details entered by you. This verification report is called property inspection report. If the property details are verified, we go ahead to manage your property for a period of one year. But if any of the details are not verified, the property and its associated requests are rejected.
Yes. excellence PROPCARE will take care of your entire inventory at the time of maintenance.
Yes. AMC i.e Annual maintenance contract between excellence PROPCARE and you will be considered. Also every payment is processed on the basis of invoices generated for excellence PROPCARE only.
The computer system requires internet connection. Preferred Browsers - Google chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox.
We Communicate Timely and Accurate Information. We research comparable rates to determine the lowest market price for maintenance with guaranteed quality. We supervise and inspect all major and minor repairs of your properties.
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